Providing solutions to help monetize your audience, increase advertising revenue and transform you into the media company of the future.

The media industry is experiencing a dramatic change. To stay ahead, media companies need to shift their thinking from traditional publishing to inbound strategies.

The revenue generated from online media, print publications, radio and television is no longer what it used to be. With more choices than ever, audiences have become highly fragmented and advertisers very demanding. Advertisers are expecting greater transparency and ROI from media partners, creating a need for smarter and more reliable sources of revenue.

Solutions for Media Companies

Code Z Media provides you the strategies needed to monetize your audience through intelligence driven marketing. Our consultative sales and marketing model allows you to build more meaningful relationships with your advertisers.

Optimize Your Site Traffic

As a media company, your biggest asset is your site traffic. Transform your audience into your most valuable resource by using smart data and on-site behavior.

Grow Your Monetization Strategy

The traditional media business model has changed. Go beyond traditional products and services to offer your advertisers new and dynamic pipelines that generate recurring revenue.

Increase Audience Engagement

Traffic is great, but a loyal and recurring user base is best. Convert casual visitors into subscribers, increase time spent on site and analyze purchase intent leading to robust audience intelligence.

ROI = More Advertisers + More Revenue

Shift your focus from selling clicks and impressions to results that matter. By delivering sales qualified leads and campaigns that deliver real revenue, you’ll gain higher value advertisers.

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