7 Strategies To Boost Your Business Online

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Strategies to boost your business online

There are many ways to build your online presence. These seven strategies will show you how to use the internet to boost your business online.

  1. Use Social Networks

    If your business is not yet on social media – what are you waiting for? Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube have rapidly become one of the best ways to build your brand and connect with prospects.

    Tips for success:

    Don’t use social media to sell. Use it to share information and engage in conversations. Be consistent and reply to anyone reaching out via social quickly. Done right, this can be a great way to cultivate new business.

  2. Online Videos

    YouTube is now the second most used search engine behind Google. Yet video is still an underutilized marketing tool with huge potential. Video marketing is a powerful strategy that can literally put your business on the map. As long as it’s genuine, it doesn’t have to be perfect – and with the great video quality of smartphones today, there’s really no excuse to not have video about your business posted online.

    Tips for success:

    Use video to educate rather than sell. Although there are exceptions, shorter videos tend to do better. Include an offer such as a free report, sample, discount or trial offer of your product or service to motivate viewers to take action.

  3. Local Listings

    This is another overlooked marketing resource that can yield incredible results. Some listing sites even allow you to promote offers and products. Google My Business should be your first stop when listing your business online. It’s free and you can easily add your business hours, phone number, directions on Google maps, photos and coupons. Some other listing sites include CitySearch, Yext, Yelp and Bing Places.

    Tips for success:

    List your business on as many directories as possible to increase your chance of getting found online.

  4. Contextual Ads

    Using contextual ads is like advertising on those huge highway billboards – except in this case, everyone who sees it has an interest in your message. This strategy allows your business to place banner ads on sites related to your offering. For example, if you sell organic health bars, your ad would perform better on a health food related site or blog. There are several contextual ad networks out there with Google’s Adsense probably being the most popular.

    Tips for success:

    Use an eye catching headline and strong call to action to increase the probability of someone clicking on your banner when they see it.

  5. Search Advertising

    This clever marketing strategy can provide you a shortcut to landing on the first page of a search result. Search advertising allows you to place online ads on pages of search results related to your product or service. By choosing the right combination of keywords when creating your ad, you’ll receive the most likely prospects. You can even set it up to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Google Adwords is the largest network of search advertising.

    Tips for success:

    When creating a search ad, be sure to include a Call-To-Action such as “Contact Us today” or Get Your Discount Code Now!” Also, make sure your ad links to a relevant web or landing page to increase your ad position on the search results page.

  6. Mobile Marketing

    If you’re serious about growing your business in today’s smart phone & tablet driven era – you must have the following two things: A mobile-friendly website and a mobile marketing strategy. Online mobile traffic has exceeded that of desktop users – so if you’re not marketing to mobile users, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

    Mobile marketing ideas include: advertising on mobile apps, using QR codes (yes, this is still an effective tool), using social media mobile ads and taking advantage of Google Adword’s mobile ad features.

    Tips for success:

    Consider creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) page with concise answers on your mobile friendly website so mobile users can easily find and use it when they need to.

  7. Affiliate Marketing

    Imagine having dozens, possibly hundreds of salespeople promoting your business and driving prospects to your website. The best part – you only pay when they make a sale! This is the idea behind affiliate marketing. Affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Rakuten allow businesses to promote their product on a pay per performance model.

    The premise is straightforward: business owners provide product banners which “affiliates” (sellers) place on their website to promote your product. Only when one of your products is sold, does the affiliate get paid a commission. This is a great way to get a more effective use of your advertising budget.

    Tips for success:

    The key here is to build great banners for your affiliates. Make sure to pick your affiliates carefully and treat them well and you’ll have a powerful sales force working for you.

Using any one of these strategies alone can yield an impressive outcome. Creating a plan that uses several of these strategies together will provide you a highly effective and powerful marketing plan to boost your business online with incredible results.



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